Local Moving Services

Door 2 Door Movers is your best option when you are looking for local Orlando movers. After many years in the world of moving, we know that the main difference between a simple, hassle-free move and a frustrating and stressful move is choosing the best movers Orlando option. It doesn’t really matter whether you are looking for a company that can move your small apartment, a multi-family home or your office space, we are an Orlando mover option that you can count on. We are fully dedicated to making the moving process as simple as possible.

We have a professional, friendly, knowledgeable and vetted moving staff that will take proper care of your interior and belongings. They have already helped dozens of homeowners and business owners to move their commercial spaces and homes, so they are more than ready to help you too. The list of services that Door 2 Door Movers provides is long because we are a full-service mover Orlando solution. This is the list of moving services that we provide:

– Unpacking and packing of different kinds of items

– Gentle wrapping of different pieces of furniture

– Assembling and disassembling different pieces of furniture

– Careful and safe packing, unpacking, paddling and wrapping of antiques, valuable art, and collectibles

– Delivery of new furniture

– Helping homeowners and business owners to load and unload items in their own rental truck

– Storage space

– Hauling and transportation of watercraft, motorcycles and other similar vehicles.

Door 2 Door Movers is a leading local Orlando moving company…

And we are not saying this because we are bragging or because we are biased. On the contrary, we can support these claims with the testimonials and reviews that come from our loyal clients. Namely, after years of successful work and presence on the Internet, we were able to get many positive reviews on different platforms. Feel free to do some research and you will notice the same thing. If you are still not sure whether you should use Door 2 Door Movers as your local moving company, we will highlight a few more facts about us.

Our staff is trained and qualified

Before any individual becomes a member of our team, we conduct thorough research. This means that we are screening their past, checking their qualifications and make sure that they are the right person for the job. Every employee that we have is a true professional and they move things with respect and with proper care. In other words, they are packing things like they are their own belongings.

Dedicated to perfect customer service

We are here to help everyone interested in our service. We will be available to you from the moment you contact us till this job is finished (or even after that if you need anything else).

Insured and licensed

We have the insurance and license policy to support our services. This is the main different between average, individual movers and us!